Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Superman has super human strength, can fly and is invincible. On earth he is one of the strongest people (alien super hero really but, just let me claim him for the human race ok?). His only weakness is Kryptonite. What sets Superman apart from his villain (Lex Luther) is confidence.  Villains are mostly arrogant and a little evil. The big difference between confidence and arrogance is that confident people have the ability to admit weaknesses and work through it. Arrogant people do everything they can to cover up any sign of short comings.  If you want to be truly strong you must admit you have a weakness. Superman knows that Kryptonite is his weakness and thus conquers all villains.

During the three week residency at Bowdoin College in Maine, the WNT players had to harness our Superhero qualities to make it through tough practices day after day. I asked several teammates what their Kryptonite is. Here are their answers:
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