Friday, April 30, 2010

My Real Job: Jamie Burke

My Real Job: Jamie Burke

I guess what you call my real job depends on the time of year. For many months of the year I am a PhD student in Outdoor Education at the University of New Hampshire. That job does not really lend itself to entertaining videos or photos. I suppose I could just take a lot of pictures of the piles of books in my room and the inside of my office and library, but what fun would that be (well, I guess if you were a bibliophile you might enjoy it).

So instead, I'll write about the job I have when school's not in session, which is being an Outward Bound Instructor and Outdoor Educator. When I work for Outward Bound, my primary role is as a sailing instructor... I spend 20+ days out on a 30 foot sailboat with ten to twelve, 14-18 year olds. It is quite the adventure.
We have some turbulent seas and crazy weather and see some beautiful sights off the coast of Maine. We sail, we rock-climb, we do service projects, and most of all we have a lot of fun. I absolutely love being able to watch as the kids, who have never sailed before, become so comfortable and confident in themselves out there. It really does make the long, sleepless nights worth it!

I will say, sometimes it's hard to stay in shape when you're out on a boat for that long, so I usually talk the kids into doing intervals while we row and also make sure we go ashore every other day to run on the many islands off the coast. They sometimes make fun of me because I am constantly rigging up something to use to exercise while we are underway. I'll lift our 45 pound water jugs or do planks on the deck... anything to make sure I don't lose any fitness while I'm out for three weeks. It's always a challenge but always worth it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bruce Blogs on Scrumqueens: Hard work starts here

The USA's Stephanie Bruce tells us about the long summer of training ahead and how she has been mixing up her routine with yoga, basketball, crossfit and more. The flyhalf has won 6 caps for her country and is hoping to be in the side to play Canada twice in June in her country's last games before travelling to London.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Do you get blisters on your big toe?  WNT forward Sharon Blaney has a solution. Check out Blister Prevention 101 with Sha on,  or on YouTube,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

USRFF Provides Grant for US Women's National Team

USA Rugby's Women's National Team has qualified for the IRB Women's Rugby World Cup in London, England in August and September of 2010 and the US Rugby Foundation is proud to have supported a film project geared for community outreach and fundraising for the WNT. The Eagles won the first official Women's Rugby World Cup in 1991, finished second in the two following World Cups (1994 and 1998) and ended the 2006 campaign with a 5th place finish despite a 4-1 record.

If they can prepare properly, the women stand a very strong chance of reaching their goal of a semi-final berth - and hopefully beyond - in the 2010 World Cup. Reaching the podium will be dependent on maximizing the amount of time spent in training and competition leading up to the World Cup. To achieve this, the team has planned an aggressive program of 80+ days of assembly, including four preparatory Test matches and a four-week World Cup Residency Training Camp.

The total cost for the 80+ days of assembly exceeds the team's budget by over $150,000 - so the team desperately needs help. With enough training time together, these athletes can put the USA into a World Cup final again. These women represent the true spirit of elite amateur athletics and they have made enormous financial and personal sacrifices to represent their country to the best of their abilities.

The US Rugby Foundation has supported the WNT and their quest for the World Cup by providing a grant to produce an inspirational film by Academy Award nominated Director and former Eagle, Amanda Micheli. The film can be viewed on the WNT website,, which also includes the 2010 WNT schedule, links and media covering the team's World Cup preparations, athlete profiles, and a donation link.